Ballooning Over Bagan on Honeymoon

Honeymoon Ballloon Flight Over Bagan, Myanmar

What Could be more romantic than A Hot Air Balloon Flight over the Beauty of Bagan in Myanmar

Your adventure starts with a short journey in one of our romantic converted vintage buses to one of our dedicated launch sites. The growing light reveals our teams busy at work preparing your balloon against a backdrop of ancient temples shrouded in mist. There is time for tea, coffee, and refreshments before the all-important safety briefing. With the balloons now standing upright, it is time to climb on board, and our helpful crew are on hand to assist you into the basket. The balloon is guided by gentle winds not exceeding 15 mph, allowing passengers a serene and peaceful bird’s-eye view of ancient temples drifting by. Using his skill and years of flight experience in Bagan, the pilot can guide the balloon to a gentle landing where our friendly and experienced crew will be waiting for you with fruit, fresh pastries and a glass or 2 of sparkling wine to complete the post-flight celebration.

“Balloons Over Bagan pioneered a vision of portraying Myanmar history at a time when the country was as yet unknown to most travelers,” said Cyrus Pun, the CEO of Memories Group, the parent company. “Sailing through the skies in these burgundy balloons has become a once-in-a-lifetime experience for thousands of international visitors from around the world, and will continue to be for decades to come, but most importantly it has contributed hugely to the local community, including our staff, many of whom have been with us since we first began.”

This exemplary safety record is undoubtedly down to the professionalism of the pilots, most of whom hail from the UK, such as 52-year-old David Sutcliffe who has been piloting balloons for 30 years.

“Flying a balloon over Bagan is a very unique experience,” he said. “Taking off at sunrise, we rise up to 2,000 feet, giving guests spectacular views across a thousand years of history. The light is constantly changing at that time of the day and you feel an overwhelming sense of tranquility. You also get a chance to appreciate the wonder of this ancient kingdom, the layout of the city and its monuments, and a true sense of its history. I would say that flying in a hot-air balloon here is one of the greatest experiences – not only for passengers but for pilots too.”

Hot-air balloon flights, as well as tailor-made tours of Myanmar, can be booked through Memories Travel. Email: [email protected]; site:

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