Deborah’s Top Tips for Dry Skin: Okay ladies, so your wedding is right around the corner, and you’re feeling a little stressed and troubled about how to get your skin in working condition before the big day.  It’s feeling dry and flaky.  STOP.  Don’t run off getting a ton of facials just yet and put down that daily exfoliator, NOW.  Especially for the dry/dehydrated and flaky skin’s out there check out my Top Skin Conditioning Tips…hopefully you’ll find your solution within….
Let’s get hydrated……..

  1. I have to begin by saying using soaps for dry skin is way too harsh; they tend to remove the skins natural oils and lipids leaving your skin feeling dry and taut.  Instead opt for CREAM CLEANSERS – these are gentler on the skin, still remove daily dirt and grime whilst helping to maintain your skins PH Balance.  I love La Roche Posay’s Physiological Cleanser (great for dry skin with sensitivity).
  2. 2.    Tone your skin.  Toners act like a mini work out for the skin; apply toner to a piece of damp cotton wool or spritz onto your face to remove excess cleanser.   They help stimulate blood capillaries, tighten pores AND when you apply moisturiser, toners act as a delivery system for the nutrients. Avoid toners containing alcohol. Include Toners containing ingredients such as Rosewater and Chamomile.  I recommend Nuxe’s gentle tonic lotion with Rose Petals, so gentle in fact you can drink it!
  3. AVOID over exfoliating.  Oh I understand the temptation to scrub dry areas, but doing this daily is like dropping a chemical bomb on your skin.  It not only gets rid of the dead, but also kills the good cells.  And as the cell army rushes to save the area, its hit by another blast, then another, and so the problem area becomes a sore and flaky wasteland.  TOP TIP if you suffer from dry or flaky skin…exfoliate once every two weeks, and make sure you do it at NIGHT TIME only.  Always apply toner after exfoliating to tighten pores and prepare your skin for your next step, MOISTURISING!
  4. Before I talk about masks, I want to let you on a little secret – ‘nourishing facial oils’.  That’s the secret.  If your skin is severely dry, dehydrated or flaky.  A couple of drops of facial oil, warmed in the palms of your hands then pressed on to your thirsty face, nightly, will keep your skin well fed and glowing. Oils rich in minerals and containing vitamins such as E and C are a great source of nourishment for dry skin.
  5. Back to cleansing the skin.  There are other ways to effectively deep cleanse the skin whilst encouraging cell regeneration.    HYDRATING MASKS…not only do they penetrate the skin and excavate dirt and grime, they also help slough away dead cells; all the while hydrating the skin while helping to restore beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to the skin.   For best results, apply a  couple of drops of facial oil followed by your mask AT NIGHT; leave on for about 15 minutes then remove with toner and apply night cream.. The perfect way to GLOW!  In my opinion it’s hard to beat Clarins Hydra Quench Hydrating Mask.
  6. EASY TIP…Moisturise daily and include a night cream into your new skin regimen.   Your skin will have up to 8 hours at night to absorb all the creams beneficial nutrients.   Apply Night Creams high in anti-oxidants and minerals; they work hard throughout the night to eliminate free radicals and deliver large rations of much goodness to your skin, while you sleep.  If you implement all my tips and moisturise day and night your skin will be nourished, supple, hydrated and illuminated.  You don’t have to break the bank on Moisturisers or Night Creams, ensure you purchase one suitable for your skin type.  I love The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Night Cream.

It takes three weeks to get your skin working again, so no excuses; stay HYDRATED, FEED your skin and go on girls….get your GLOW ON