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Wedding Photography by Dermot Byrne

It’s rare to find a photographer who is equally accomplished at commercial, fashion, portrait and wedding photography but Dermot Byrne is an exception to the rule.

He started out in photography gaining experience with four different photographers which exposed him to the skills and techniques needed for various specialist areas that would stand him in good stead for his future career.

Adding his passion for photography to that early, on-the-job education, Dermot has an unrivalled ability to visualise an image before taking a single shot, and a willingness to go that extra mile to achieve outstanding results.
Over 26 years, he has the awards and hundreds of satisfied clients to prove his enviable versatility.

Contemporary photography using highly sophisticated equipment and facilities, Dermot’s professionally-accredited and fully insured service has evolved with experience and always expanding knowledge.
Building relationships through good communications and a sense of humour is a vital ingredient in Dermot’s service… and makes him such a sought-after photographer across such diverse photographic disciplines.

By gaining his Associateship to the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association (AIPPA) Dermot has joined a very small elite group of industry professionals.

Dermot is one of a handful of wedding photographers that we, at Irish Wedding Diary, routinely go to for our photoshoots. On these shoots, we need to capture the beauty of a wedding venue but also showcase the stunning designs of some of Ireland’s best wedding dress designers. We like using Dermot as he needs little direction, he normally has an image in mind when he surveys the scene and has the ability to capture that image quickly, without fuss and move on. He is also has a knack of seeing the interesting angle or a moment in time that is hard to teach. This is a crucial component of the wedding photographers’ bag of tricks, as there is no time for a retake on your big day.

Dermot explains his approach to your wedding.

“Wedding photography should be fun and relaxed for you and your guests. I’ve spent the last 25 plus years perfecting this skill. I make your photography easy and quick while still being creative to make sure your wedding photos are something for you to be proud of. I believe in top quality work and service always where the most important person is you. Top quality, stylish and unobtrusive are just a few of the terms clients have used about me and my work.”

You can view Dermot’s work on his website, and see the quality that speaks for itself.

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