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This iconic range of Canadian diamonds will be available exclusively in Ireland at Fields the Jeweller stores nationwide from 10th November 2017 onwards.

Whether marking friendships, celebrating family milestones, or of course making a special proposal, the Northern Star diamond range offers beautiful, distinctive gifting choices for friends, family and loved ones.

The Northern Star range features a stunning collection of diamond rings for all occasions, from classic solitaire engagement rings, to double row diamond anniversary rings, with carat sizes up to 1.34ct.  As a unique finishing touch, each ring has a Canadian natural fancy yellow diamond which adorns the shank of each ring.  The yellow diamond, which represents the romance between the couple, aptly symbolises friendship, joy and happiness.



Northern Star diamonds formed billions of years ago,

Also included in this collection are a selection of exquisite necklaces and pendants and bracelets.  All diamonds in the range are hand-set, with prices for the range starting at €1795.

Northern Star diamonds formed billions of years ago, and lay undiscovered in the isolated frozen tundra of the Canadian North.  In the early 1990s, two geologists made a startling discovery that would lead to the establishment of Canada’s first diamond mine.  Now, almost thirty years later, Canada produces some of the most highly coveted diamonds in the world and is the world’s third-biggest diamond producer.

Each Northern Star diamond is fully traceable, and is laser inscribed with a unique tracking number that links back to the mine of origin.

Each diamond is individually selected and then polished by highly skilled craftsmen, releasing the inner beauty.  Every Northern Star diamond comes with a certificate of origin, providing assurance of its Canadian provenance, from mine to finger.  In addition, each diamond can be tracked online at

Northern Star diamonds will be exclusively available in Ireland at Fields the Jeweller.  Celebrating almost forty years in jewellery retailing, Fields the Jeweller is a wholly Irish-owned company and an award-winning wedding jewellery retailer.  Whether choosing that all-important diamond engagement ring, or a special gift for friends and family, the Fields team provide a warm and personal customer service experience, helping customers make the perfect choice every time.

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