Dave Young The Wedding Comedian

The Wedding Comedian

He’s one of Ireland’s finest comedic exports and now he’s home to get you hitched!

‘I’ve been asked to perform at a lot of weddings over the years and I’ve enjoyed all of them – it’s a great opportunity to get to know the audience and interact with them on a one to one basis. As ‘The Wedding Comedian’ it’s my job to bring together both sides of the family along with friends and colleagues and unite them all in collective laughter!”

Every Bride and Groom knows and fears the dreaded post dinner lull. You know the situation; dinner over, clearing the room, folks wander off to stretch the legs or their wallets at the various bars around the town.

Make Your Wedding the one they are all talking about

This can mean the atmosphere of fun and connection is broken and you can spend the rest of the night trying to get it back.With ‘The Wedding Comedian’, you can ensure that the fun and games are only starting as Dave Young unleashes his tailored made show to his now captivated audience. Your stories, anecdotes and experiences will come to life as side-splitting set pieces as he works his special blend of comedy.

ith over 20 years of experience, countless awards and hi-profile achievements Dave Young knows how to make them laugh and keep them smiling long after the day is over!

“It’s all about you… and Auntie Mary…  oh, and the father-in-law and the (I really wish he was a) distant relative, basically all the fun, colour and drama that only families can bring together –  It will be a blast!”

Tailor made to your specific requirements, Dave will create a live show  that will have both sides of the family laughing together as one and lets face it, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Each story, fantastic set pieces and audience interaction will be highly entertaining and always original with your own personal stories and anecdotes of family members interwoven into a truly special event!

Contact Details:

The Wedding Comedian

Mobile: +353 87 2616317
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: theweddingcomedian.ie