Susan & Colin’s Wedding in The Glenview Hotel

Susan & Colin were married in The Glenview Hotel on 14th July 2018.

Photography by: [email protected]

It was the first day of university, and we both nervously shuffled in to a lecture theatre full of 400 other wide-eyed students at Trinity College, Dublin. In a class that size, we may never have met if it weren’t for the professor who ordered us all to awkwardly say hello. And that was all it took – one mildly reluctant introduction led to friendship, love, and ultimately, marriage.

This was more than 10 years ago, and we have faced many of life’s biggest challenges together over the last decade, including swapping the familiarity and comfort of Dublin for exciting (and somewhat daunting) opportunities in London. It’s here that we took the next big step when we got engaged in Regent’s Park, in a secluded outcrop of trees. That night, we had the most romantic dinner of our lives in Clos Maggiore of Covent Garden, and the planning began.

We knew that Colin’s best man would be his brother Paul, and that Susan’s bridesmaids would be led by her sister Gillian, after which we each chose a friend from school, college, and work. Luckily, all the girls were able to join Susan for a very efficient shopping day in London, where they managed to pick out Susan’s Vera Wang gown and the four bridesmaid dresses all in the same shop – David’s Bridal. It’s safe to say that a few glasses of prosecco were enjoyed afterwards! Colin insisted on getting Susan’s help with the suit shopping, not that he needed it; on the big day, everyone couldn’t get enough of his suit from Suit Supply, or the groomsmen decked out in their grey and peach.

Although most of the planning took place in London, the wedding always had to be at home in Ireland, where we fell in love.

Glenview was an easy choice, with gorgeous photos of their ceremony gardens tempting us to risk an outdoor wedding.

It seemed so unlikely that we’d be able to pull it off; even though it was booked for July, we were convinced we’d get caught in the rain. Somehow, we were luckier than we could have ever imagined – not only was it sunny on the big day, but it somehow hit highs of 25 degrees, and in fact was so hot that week that we were receiving phone calls from our vendors worrying about the water supply, flowers wilting, and ice cream melting… in Ireland of all places!

The night before the wedding, there was a huge gorse fire on Bray Head, blanketing the Stillorgan duel carriageway and even the venue itself in thick black smoke. Again, however, luck was on our side, and the day went off perfectly without any fire, drought, or even sunburn. Despite the heat, Susan stayed fresh thanks to the magic of Audrey (Sugarcube Makeup) and Sinead (The Hair Mob). Our humanist ceremony next to the lovely Glenview waterfall kicked off with an instrumental cover of “Wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beach Boys specifically crafted by Daragh Butler, our wonderful ceremony and reception musician, and was officiated by Susan’s neighbor Brian Whiteside, who set the warm, celebratory mood and kept everyone smiling.

The luck continued, as three-month-old flower girl Aisling let her parents Gillian and Stephen enjoy their gorgeous five-course meal in peace! We were blown away that so many friends and family had joined us from as far away as Australia, Canada, and South Africa, and thankfully, they had a brilliant time. Our band Surefire Trio are still being talked about as the best wedding band our guests had ever come across, and there was not one but two Dirty Dancing lifts as we partied through to breakfast.

We’re pretty sure the late-night chip van arranged by Glenview wedding coordinator Rachel Neill-Watson had something to do with the night lasting as long as it did!

As married life began and the honeymoon plans got into full swing, we spent many a night looking back at Anna’s incredible photos of the big day. Sometimes, the big events in your life have a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver, but this was not one of those times; we really had the time of our lives. Here’s hoping the honeymoon is the same!

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