Hens from Ireland and beyond choose to go to some cities and towns of Ireland to celebrate their last night of freedom. That really isn’t so shocking since the Irish folks are known for their hospitality. What’s more, there are a lot of locations in Ireland that are perfect for hen parties because of what they have to offer.

To find out the most popular hen party locations in Ireland, Henit.ie conducted a survey among hens. So, what are the best locations for hen parties and weekends in Ireland? Find out and read on.

1.      Galway
Galway is the number one hen party destination in Ireland because it has everything that is truly Irish. Throughout the years, Galway continues to be a major cultural center which is why it called Ireland’s Cultural Heart. Hens that love everything Irish, that includes food, folk music and dance, will want to have their hen party in Galway. According to the survey, 17% of hens choose Galway as their hen party location.

2.      Limerick
Limerick is well-known for its active music scene and The Cranberries came from this city. As a center for the arts and Ireland’s first City of Culture, it is not so surprising that a lot of hens choose this city as their hen party location. 9.1% of hens choose to have their hen party in Limerick.

3.      Waterford
Anyone who wants a splashing hen party will want to have it in Waterford. The nightlife in Waterford and all the aquatic activities that can be done in this city makes it a popular hen party destination. That is why 7.8% of hens choose to spend their last night of freedom Waterford.

4.      Carrick on Shannon
A beautiful town built along the River Shannon, Carrick on Shannon is among the top hen party destinations in Ireland. 7.1% of hens choose to have their hen party in this town because of its nightlife, its lakes, and all the hen party activities this town has to offer.

5.      Letterkenny
Quite popular for its lively nightlife, various hen party activities, and its close proximity to the beaches in County Donegal, Letterkenny is the fifth most popular hen party destination. 6.8% of hens choose to have their hen party in Letterkenny.

6.      Athlone
Athlone has always been compared with Prague because of its fairy tale appeal. In addition to its beauty, this town is also where the oldest pub in Europe is located. What’s more, Athlone is easily accessible. That is probably why it is not so surprising that 4.9% of hens choose to have their hen party in the Heart of Ireland.

7.      Mullingar
Hens will definitely love the beef steak in Mullingar. This relatively quiet town can offer hens various activities to enjoy in addition to delicious beef and a lively nightlife. 4.9% of hens would rather have their hen party in this town because of all that.

8.      Kilkenny
It’s actually a tie between Wexford and Kilkenny as 4.2% of hens choose to have their hen party in those locations. Famous for its Irish Cream Ale, Kilkenny is the best hen party location for hens that can appreciate fine Irish brew and the city’s medieval beauty.

9.      Wexford
With kilometers of coastline and as a great location to enjoy lots of outdoor recreational activities, Wexford is one of the best hen party destinations for one other reason. The bars, pubs, and clubs in Wexford generally welcome hen parties.

10.   Dublin
Last, but not the least, 3.6% of hens will choose to go to Dublin for their hen party. Most hens that want the big city experience will choose this city as their hen party location. The capital of Ireland does have everything one needs to have an unforgettable hen party. Dublin is known for its vibrant music scene, for having more than six hundred pubs and lots of other nightlife establishments.

These are the top 10 hen party destinations in the country. For sure, there are other towns and cities in Ireland that can be the perfect location for a hen party. Choosing a particular location really isn’t that difficult. It all boils down to what the bride-to-be prefers and her idea of fun.

This guest post was written by Sabrina of Henit.ie. Visit the website for some awesome hen party packages, accessories and ideas.