Top Tips You Need before booking Your Honeymoon

Chosing your honemoon destination should be a pleaseurable experience.

A honeymoon is the real start of your married life together, when you can reminisce about the big day and look forward to the start of the rest of your life together. It came as no surprose to us that, according to recent research carried out by Emirates Holidays, 32% of Irish newlyweds think that organising their honeymoon is more important than picking the wedding ring (27%) or selecting their wedding guests (25%)

And now, Emirates Holidays, the tour operator of Emirates that specialises in premium packages to eastern destinations including Thailand, a favourite with honeymooners, has asked its specialist team of honeymoon planners for their top tips to help couples plan their important trip with ease.

Advising on everything from the big decisions to the little touches, the Emirates Holidays honeymoon planners work closely with couples to create bespoke and unforgettable packages to suit them.

While wedding season is in full swing right now, the honeymoon experts at Emirates Holidays recommend that couples give themselves at least eight to twelve months to organise their trip, ensuring that everything is perfect for their post-wedding dream holiday.

And that’s not the only advice they have, check out more top tips from Emirates Holidays below:

Make a wanderlust wish list:
Lists are necessary when organising a wedding and can be just as helpful when planning the honeymoon too. Sit down with your other half and write down the top five countries you would each like to visit. Consider the pros and cons of each to whittle it down such as, is it easy to get there from Ireland? Is it within budget? Is it a relatively safe country? What will the weather be like at the time? 40% of Irish couples surveyed highlighted good weather as a must when going on honeymoon, so this is likely to be top of the list.

Ensure there is plenty food for thought:
If you are really struggling to whittle down the destination, why not think with your stomach! Chances are you and your partner have been strict on your food choices before the wedding, so why not treat yourself to a destination based on your favourite cuisine. Thai food is always delicious, but nothing compares to an authentic restaurant experience you can enjoy in Bangkok, Chang Mai, Phuket or beyond. What’s more, you can even learn to cook your favourite dish while you’re there!

Set up a ‘honeypot’: 32% of Irish couples revealed that the biggest hurdle when planning their honeymoon was finding the budget to pay for their trip. Set up a ‘honeypot’ as soon as possible and add to it each payday to ensure you don’t have to scrimp on your honeymoon. Make a list of all the things you’d like to do during your holiday and budget accordingly. If 5-star dining, luxury accommodation unique excursions and spa treatments are topping your wish list, destinations like Thailand are worth considering as your money will go further.

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and let everyone know you are newlyweds: 25% of Irish honeymooners identified the special touches as some of the most memorable parts of their honeymoons. The honeymoon specialists at Emirates Holidays can organise bespoke packages for newlyweds such as sunset cruises, sunrise safaris and star-gazing trips, which all make for a romantic getaway. But it’s always worth letting your hotel know that you are honeymooners as they may have advice on romantic things to do in the area as well as organising the finer details like a room upgrade or flower petals upon arrival.

Pack the essentials: If you have booked any special honeymoon offers don’t forget to bring a copy of your wedding certificate as proof to avoid any possible awkward situations. If you’re someone who loves keepsakes, bring a fresh diary with you to write down all your honeymoon anecdotes and memories so you can look back on your trip in the years to come.

Honeymoon Hop: Four in five (79%) of Irish couples decided to travel around during their honeymoon, either by visit two different countries during their vacation, or by exploring different parts of their destination. If you’re travelling long-haul, a great way to break up travel time is to spend a few days in a stop-off destination such as Dubai before continuing on.

Talk to an expert: When you’re planning a wedding, it’s nice to be able to delegate tasks, which is why seeking out a honeymoon expert is a good idea. Over two thirds (67%) of Irish honeymooners surveyed said they wished they’d used a travel agent to plan their trip.

The experts at Emirates Holidays can give advice on your destination, recommend the best time of year to travel and organise local activities, accommodation and the all-important extra touches.

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Consumer research conducted by Censuswide surveying 501 randomly selected 18+ Adults who have been on honeymoons abroad in the last 10 years in the Republic of Ireland. The survey was conducted online from 24.04.2019 – 03.05.2019.

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